Maestros is a tribute to all the musicians that influenced our sound and growth as a band. Artists from James Brown, Mulatu Astatke, Andres Landero, Hector Lavoe. Billy Holliday to Nina SImone. Maestros is a tribute to the City of Los Angeles and the musical movement that lives here. Maestros is a tribute to the past present and future of Cumbia that Buyepongo is proud to be part of. 

The Collaboration
We are proud to say that we worked with a great variety of people to make this project a reality. Soul Fiesta Records is dedicated to the introduction, and re-creation of obscure soul, funk, Latin, Afro, northern, sweet-soul and boogie vinyl records. When Richard Herrera Martinez presented us with the opportunity to work with Soul Fiesta we knew what we had to do. 

Artos of Westology.LA Produced and engineered the recording for Maestros. He worked countless hours with buyepongo to find the best method of recording, so we could capture the essence of a modern day cumbia on vinyl. 

Anthony Cruz aka xlsrebelsx Recored our B Side - Multatu Para ti. He opened up his studio in Long Beach where we recorded 3 tracks in one 6 hour session. Then worked along side Solido and Edgar Meshlee Modesto to create the tropical version of Mulatu by Mulatu Astatke . 

Kalli Arte is a family collective of artists that represent the true spirit of community and art. Alfonso Aceves is an amazing artists and has been working with Buyepongo since the beginning. He designed the cover art for Maestro as well as the Buyepongo EP in 2012. The cover art for Maestros is nothing short of amazing. the 2 Color hand silk screened alone makes this record a collectors edition

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