Taumbu, The Man!! 


One Day I decided to join them to see what this guy was all about. As soon as I arrived and heard the slaps on the skin and saw the confident look in his eyes, I knew he was the Man! 


Maestros is a tribute to all the musicians that influenced our sound and growth as a band. Artists from James Brown, Mulatu Astatke, Andres Landero, Hector Lavoe. Billy Holliday to Nina SImone. Maestros is a tribute to the City of Los Angeles and the musical movement that lives here. Maestros is a tribute to the past present and future of Cumbia that Buyepongo is proud to be part of. 

Nos Fuimos Pa' Belize


       One of the missions we(Buyepongo) as musician/artist have, is to preserve the tradition of "up" beat tropical dance music. But always with its unique "Buye" feel. If you chilled with us before you know we love Punta music. A relatively new beat to me, since i really didn't get in to this musical beat till about 5 or 6 years ago, Yet its drum patterns and combinations have brought my techniques and musical visions to a whole new level. Punta comes out of the Central American Caribbean region with its strong points in Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. The first time I heard Punta, I can say it made laugh a little. Only punta song I knew or heard of was Sopa De Caracol By Banda Blanca (I would hear at quinceañeras as a kid).


Its Been awhile since our last post..finally getting things rolling. What better way to reignite the Buyepongo blog than by announcing our release of Maestros Cumbia House Mix by Jose Marquez. In anticipation of our upcoming release of Maestros on 7" due out January 2015 on Soul Fiesta records, we are releasing a series of Remixes of Maestros by some of our favorite DJ's and Producers. This is the first of the series and its Fiyah!!! Jose Marquez is a one of the Worlds leading Afro House DJ's and has been touring the world and making it dance!! We going world wide with this one!!! Vive la Cumbia!! Maestros Cumbia House Mix will be out on the world wide web on October 30th 2014. Available for download on 

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